Waitlists by Student Plans

12 Oct 2016

The Division of Undergraduate Education has created created a report to help divisions and departments identify areas in which curricular capacity may not be meeting student demand, possibly resulting in significnat student progress issues, potentially affecting time-to-declare and time-to-degree.

The attached reports include the number of students on waitlists organized by the proposed or declared major(s) of the student. The counts include presense on departmental waitlists, divisional waitlists, or any waitlist at all. 

The report relies on the final state of waitlists after the waitlist enrollment period has ended.    These snapshots are collected as the result of a collaboration among the Office of the Registrar and Data Management.

The counts in the report represent students who may have been "stranded" on the waitlist.  About 25% of waitlist entries correspond to students seeking a different section of a course that they are already enrolled in.  These waitlist entries are not included in the counts or percentages.

The first two attachments here represent the first two reports available, Spring 2016 and Fall 2016.  The Data Warehouse report can be access by advisors within the Shared Academic Advising Folder folder maintained by the Office of Campus Advising Coordination in  Shared Academic File Folder  > 2 Courses.

The third attachment is a list of courses that had 5 or more students on their waitlists during Winter 2016 or Spring 2016, and whether or not each course was offered in summer.  This report only looks at the total of number of students on the waitlist, and does not correct for students who may have achieved enrollment in a different section.

 It is hoped that these reports may provide additional insights as to the most presssing waitlist issues that should be addressed.

More detailed reports that provide waitlist information, including peak and final, for each course, are avaiable elsewhere in the Data Warehouse.  Departments and Divisions should do their best to offer any course that that large waitlist activity during Summer Session.

Please let us know if additional reports would be useful as you work to identify and address capacity and progress issues.  And if you have developed reports that might be useful to other departments/divisions, we would be happy to add them to the Shared Academic Advising folders in Infoview.