College Advising Functional Areas Report 2014-16

10 Feb 2016

In keeping with their mission, college advising offices have a number of responsibilities that are closely tied to campus goals of retention and graduation including: Orientation to the university, pre-major advising and major declaration, academic standing review and probationary supervision, and academic planning as it relates to successful graduation.

To provide a coordinated structure through which we can pursue some larger functions of college advising collectively, lead academic preceptors have been paired in sister-college teams, and each team of two lead preceptors is responsible for the ongoing colleges-wide planning, development, and evaluation for one functional area of a key element of college advising.

All of the colleges implement these strategies, with the pairs maintaining responsibility for evaluation of results, and for making ongoing improvements based on feedback from colleges, students, and others. In this way, we have the ability to increase consistency and collectively support campus-wide high-impact retention-related activities. 

This reoprt outlines highlights and successes these teams have achieved thus far, as well as goals and projects in progress for the 2015-2016 academic year.