Time slots and final examination lengths

08 Jan 2016

Request for input on modification of the general assignment time slots to increase available classroom times by 20%, and to consider a reduction of final examiniation time from 3 hours to 2 hours.

Course time slot options


Additional background material available at https://www.ue.ucsc.edu/classslots


Reducing the final exam from 3 hr to 2 hr will make it equivalent to a midterm exam.  Currently Tu Th classes meet for 1 hr and 45 min, so a 2 hr final would allow only an additional 15 minutes of exam time, which is essentially no difference. 

Has the idea of a 2.5 hr exam been considered? Reducing exam time by 1 hr seems like a substantial reduction and I question whether that much reduction is necessary to fit in the various exam times.

Great idea -- we are currently surveying departments and faculty on the final exam length question, https://www.ue.ucsc.edu/examsurvey, including the range of possibilities between 2h and 3h.  2.5 could certainly be a possibility.  Once the reponses are (May 27 is the reponse date), I'll be discussing them with CEP.  This would help a little with ADA accomodation, and might barely make possible an additional time slot during exam days.