Ronnie Lipschutz Appointed College Eight Provost

10 May 2012

Ronnie Lipschutz Appointed College Eight Provost

The Division of Undergraduate Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor of Politics Ronnie Lipschutz as College Provost of College Eight.

Professor Lipschutz envisions building on the existing strengths and focus of College 8 courses and programs on nature, environment and entrepreneurship, by drawing in themes, collaborators and projects based in sustainability, ecology and environmental engineering.  He plans to enhance the three-quarter core course sequence through closer ties with Engineering, Physical & Biological Sciences, and Social Sciences, and to develop an honors program for students seeking to pursue interdisciplinary study and projects.  Lipschutz expects College Eight “will become a communication `hub’ for the many, diverse programs, classes and research projects across UCSC in the areas of environment, ecology and sustainability.”  Professor Lipschutz will seek funding to support college courses, both student-led and faculty-led, and undergraduate research opportunities.  He is organizing a speakers series around the College theme to raise College Eight’s green profile, on campus and in the community.

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education Richard Hughey notes that Professor Lipschutz is already closely involved in College Eight activities and curriculum, and is a campus leader and international scholar in global issues, sustainability, and the environment.  An undergraduate student summarized Professor Lipschutz’ qualifications as follows:  “Considering his vast experience and investment to our university values of research, environmental sustainability, retention, social justice, experiential education, and interdisciplinary studies, Professor Lipschutz would be an outstanding choice for our new College Eight Provost.”

Professor Lipschutz joined the UC Santa Cruz faculty in 1990, teaching courses on international politics, foreign policy, politics and popular culture, global environmental politics, green philosophy and ethics, capitalism, empire, sustainability engineering and other topics.  He has been Director and Co-Director of the UCSC Center for Global, International and Regional Studies (CGIRS) since 1996, and is a co-founder of the faculty group in Sustainability Engineering and Ecological Design (SEED), launched in 2006.  He has published widely; his most recent book is Political Economy, Capitalism and Popular Culture (Rowman & Littlefield, 2010).